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Welcome to paradise island

Lombok is a fascinating and beautiful tropical island and is on the verge of becoming one of the most important tourist islands of Indonesia. 

The Indonesian government has as goal to push Lombok forward as second holiday destination of Indonesia. 

One of the corner stones of this policy is naturally the development of the new international airport in the south of Lombok near Kuta. An important push forward will also be the realization of the plans of the Emaar group from Dubai which is planning to build a 1,200 hectare tourist center in and around Kuta Lombok. 

Together with the 100 million USD project of Sundancer in Sekotong it is obvious that Lombok is going to have a bright future, in which tourists,
residential and commercial investors can profit from. In "Information" you can find detailed information about Indonesia, Lombok and legal matters and in "News updates" we keep you informed about the latest developments on Lombok.

For you we have selected the best and affordable land properties and villas on Lombok, which you can view in "Land", "Villas" and "Projects".

We know all the in and outs of the legal procedures of buying land whether it is certified or not. All our transactions are only done through notary in order to secure for 100% the legal and financial interests of seller and buyer.

We can take care of all the necessary permits as location permit, building permit, environmental survey, topographic study, design, architectural building plans, structure permit and construction of
new villas as well.

So, join us to share the advantages which Lombok can offer you and check out our property listing. If you need more information about one or more of our properties or for making a free inspection tour please "Contact us" or click on the "more info" button at each property.


  Last Update : 28 October 2009

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Lombok Land & Villas offers not only existing land plots and villas but gives you also the opportunity to build  the villas of your dreams on your special dream location. Click here for more information.

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